tablingSolidarity Houston is a nonhierarchical volunteer-run space dedicated to serving the community and providing resources and support for counter-oppression organizations. We oppose (and expect those who work with us to oppose) white supremacist capitalist cis-hetero-patriarchy.

We care for the Sedition Lending Library, which moved into our new location with us at 6733 Harrisburg, Houston, TX in May 2015.

We offer free meeting space for anyone to use. For more information on how to access the space, please contact us by emailing solidarityhouston@gmail.com.

PARKING: Parking for Solidarity Houston is located in the back alley behind the space. Please do not park in the Los Charros parking lot they are known to tow cars.

ACCESSIBILITY: During events both the front and back entrances are open. For wheelchair accessibility please enter through the front entrance on Harrisburg Blvd. If you are in need of handicap parking please park in the spots next to Los Charros but FURTHEST away from the restaurant. Please make sure “Los Charros” in not painted on the spot marker. If you have a non visible disability feel free to contact the space so we can do our best to help you feel safe.

CHILDCARE: We love tiny humans!!! We have a children’s library and play station. If you have special childcare needs please email us at solidarityhouston@gmail.com and we will do our best to accommodate you.  But please bring them along so we can all gush.


NON HUMAN ANIMALS: Most events are pet friendly. However please contact the space before bringing your furry friends as people may have severe allergies.  Service animals are always welcome!

NO JERK ZONE: If you are making people uncomfortable we will ask you to leave NO EXCEPTIONS. Solidarity strives  to be a place  safe for people with oppressed identities, we cannot do this with jerks around. We want to be able to talk about hard stuff, even if you have an ‘unpopular opinion’ or whatever, but if you treat others like crap, you’re gonna have to leave. Same goes for trolls.

NO COP ZONE: On and off duty police are not welcomed in the space.

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