Solidarity Houston Events July 28 to Aug 3, 2014

We’re Moving!
We need to be out of the ACT house (which is up for sale) by September 1st.  We’re looking into purchasing a property that can be both a co-op house and contain the library and a meeting room.  Our search is being collaborated on in this google document:  We appreciate your thoughts in the form of comments on the spreadsheet and via emails to  Thanks!

/** Monday 29 July **\

open hours cancelled due to the fumes from painting sunday night

/** Tuesday 30 July **\

Open Hours 4p – 5:30p
Radical AA 5:30p – 7:30p
Radical AA is open to anyone with a desire to stop drinking.  If you are not attending, please respect the participants privacy.

/** Wednesday 23 July **\

Open Hours 4p – 8p

/** Thursday 24 July **\

End Mass Incarceration 2p – 4p

IWW Meeting 7p – 8:30p

/** Friday 25 July **\

available for events
/** Saturday 26 July **\
available for events

/** Sunday 27 July **\ 

Open Hours 12p – 7p
Men Confronting Patriarchy 2p – 3:30p  *new time!*
Recurring radical men’s group.
Collective Meeting 5:30p – 8p
All collective meetings are open to the public.

This weeks collective meeting notes:

Collective email:
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